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What is tooth whitening ?

Tooth whitening is the practice of cosmetic dentistry designed to dramatically lighten the colour of your teeth.

In our society, which places ever greater emphasis on the search for fitness, well-being, beauty and eternal youth, a bright smile not only demonstrates a positive state of health and perfect hygiene, but also plays an important role in social integration and recognition.

Tooth discolouration can be the result of extrinsic stains (located on the surface of the teeth, i.e. on the enamel) and/or intrinsic stains (located between the prisms of the enamel and deeper in the dentin, i.e. the layer under the enamel).

Commercially available products (whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes) can clean some extrinsic stains. But only a professional whitening agent can remove all extrinsic stains and reach the intrinsic discolourations.

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The Rhone Dental Clinic adapts to the most demanding schedules and private requirements of each patient. We guarantee a strict punctuality and offer an emergency service in case of necessity.

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How does tooth whitening work ?

While the effectiveness of tooth whitening is well known, the mechanism of this method is less well known…

The two main ingredients used for tooth whitening are carbamide peroxide (composed of urea and hydrogen peroxide) and hydrogen peroxide (created with hydrogen and oxygen).

Carbamide Peroxide is effective in removing stains from tooth enamel. It is safe as long as it is not concentrated above 44% in a formula.

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that is secreted by the human body. It is therefore not a major hazard, provided it is prescribed and applied in moderation.

Tooth whitening : legislation and misconceptions

Specialised teeth whitening businesses, known as ‘smile bars’, have opened in most cities in recent years. Claiming that tooth whitening is an aesthetic and not a medical procedure, these businesses have sought to facilitate access to this type of treatment, previously reserved for a privileged clientele.

Medical corporatism, however, spoke out against this practice, insisting on the danger of letting unqualified staff carry out mouth care in an unprofessional environment.

Without the possibility of making personalised trays to apply the products or to effectively protect the gums, with the risk of introducing into the mouth solutions that are too concentrated or of uncontrolled origin, these businesses quickly lost their appeal, as they could not guarantee the desired effect in complete safety.

If the smile bars tend to disappear, the negative image of this concept as well as the innumerable miracle products sold in particular on the Internet, end up provoking many doubts and reticence about this method which is so effective when practised in the rules of the art.

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Our unique Anti-sensitive method provides safe and effective teeth whitening without side effects.

Effective and painless tooth whitening !

Rhone Dental Clinic offers different exclusive medical protocols, specifically adapted to the age, the colour of the original teeth and the patient’s expectations, in order to guarantee a satisfactory and rapid aesthetic result, while limiting undesirable effects.

At the time of each treatment, the starting shade is evaluated and photographed so that the patient can judge the difference with a colour chart.


Rhone Dental Clinical Dental Whitening Effective And Pain Free

Anti-sensitive protocol

Protocol specifically designed for teenagers (under 18) and patients who have just completed orthodontic treatment. Nature and concentration of the products adapted to young patients, including a fluoridation treatment to protect the teeth.

Following the medical check-up and diagnosis, the indications are prescribed at the clinic.

The treatment is carried out at home (“home bleaching”), in several sessions of about 30 to 45 minutes each. The gel treatment solution is applied in a tray, which is custom-made in our in-house laboratory.

For those seeking a dazzling smile, tooth whitening or teeth whitening is the ideal whitening treatment. Using an effective whitening gel, often based on carbamide peroxide bleaching gel, patients can effectively whiten teeth. However, for those with sensitive teeth, it’s crucial to consult before undergoing any tooth whitening procedure. The result? Whiter teeth with a lasting whitening effect.

Erosion care protocol

Protocole développé pour les patients que nous appelons la “génération érosion”. Il s’agit de personnes généralement âgées de 20 à 40 ans qui souffrent d’une sensibilité dentaire accrue.

Pour ces patients, agressés par les stimuli thermiques, l’acidité des agrumes ou des boissons énergisantes, le sucre ou le brossage excessif, notre protocole prévoit une désensibilisation adaptée et une concentration différente des produits.

Anti-aging protocol

Protocol adapted to combat physiological wear which causes yellowing of the teeth and a loss of one or two shades every 10 years.

The colour of the tooth also depends on several parameters linked to its constitution: thickness, structure and composition of its different tissues (pulp, dentin, enamel). The considerable evolution of these elements throughout life contributes to the permanent transformation of the colour of the teeth.

  • The dentist establishes a personalised treatment plan, according to your expectations and your lifestyle:
  • Chairside treatment, for an immediate result in 1 or 2 sessions.
    Home bleaching, for a progressive result in 7 to 10 days.


How much does tooth whitening cost?

From CHF 480 depending on the method used.
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