Dental emergencies

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Geneva?

Your dentist may not cover emergency visits or you may experience a dental emergency outside of his or her office hours, on a weekend or during a holiday.

Emergency dentist open 7/7 in Geneva

Our dental clinic takes care of your dental emergencies in Geneva 7 days a week, with dedicated daily slots.

The team of dentists at Rhône Dental Clinic adapts to you thanks to its emergency dental service. We reserve consultations for patients suffering from dental problems that need to be treated urgently.

What is a dental emergency ?

It is important to know how to recognize toothaches that need to be treated immediately, to be more effective. There are various causes for emergency consultation.

A dental emergency is generally : painful or aesthetic.

For painful emergencies, we most often find :

  • Tooth or gum abscess
  • Locking or loosening of the jaw
  • Tooth decay
  • Painful wisdom teeth
  • Dental hemorrhage
  • Inflammation of the nerve or the dental alveolus
  • Periodontal disease (infection of the tissue supporting the tooth)
  • Toothache

For aesthetic emergencies, cause practical inconvenience :

  • Displacement of a tooth
  • Dental fracture
  • Fracture of a veneer or denture
  • Loss of a permanent tooth

How can you find emergency dental consultation in Geneva?

Dental emergency must be treated quickly for best results, the dentists of Rhône Dental Clinic reserve emergency consultation slots for you 7 days a week.

To make an emergency appointment, contact your dental clinic in Geneva at +41 79 900 62 31 or find us directly at Rue du Rhône 29 – 1204 Geneva.