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What is minimally invasive dentistry ?

Minimally invasive or micro-invasive dentistry is a practice of dentistry aimed at preserving your dental capital, because there is nothing stronger than a healthy tooth.

Tissue economy is emphasised by the use of adapted micro-tools. Treatments are carried out with the help of magnifying devices such as magnifying glasses or microscopes.

Caries removal no longer requires milling and therefore accelerated wear. They are now infiltrated with fluid resins in order to stop their evolution without having to touch your tooth.


Discipline and approach to microinvasive dentistry

Microinvasive dentistry is above all a modern treatment philosophy which consists of preserving as much as possible of our natural dental capital (enamel, dentin, pulp) thus improving the long-term prognosis of our teeth.

Microinvasive dentistry concerns several disciplines of modern dentistry whose common denominator is the preservation of dental tissue by preventing demineralisation, by intervening during this process but also by replacing with the minimum loss of dental tissue.


This approach is possible today thanks to a combination of accelerated progress in adhesive techniques and the skills of our specialists.

The literature now proves that the survival rate of teeth with this modern approach is higher than with older more conventional approaches.

Our specialists apply evidence-based protocols, and use available technology tools such as lasers, the use of magnifying glasses and microscopes, CAD/CAM materials etc.

The protocols used in our clinic are those applied at the University of Geneva, one of the pioneer institutions in this field.

Rhone Dental Clinical Dentistry Micro Invasive

Microinvasive dentistry includes many therapies :

Replacing lost tooth substance

Changing the shape of teeth (veneer/ direct composite)

Closing diastemas (spaces between the teeth)

Rehabilitate teeth suffering from dental wear

Restore decayed teeth with modern posterior restorations: (inlay/onlay) instead of crowns

Treating and removing white spots on the teeth

Changing the shade of the teeth

Infiltrate/stop carious lesions

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