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Dental pain relief

Toothache treatments can be implemented depending on the type of pain experienced. There are several causes that should be examined during a consultation at Rhône Dental Clinic in order to solve the problem in the best possible way. Relieving toothache with medication does not mean eliminating the problem. Therefore, if the most appropriate dental care is not provided, toothache can quickly return and cause very serious situations.

Where do my toothache comes from ?

By going to Rhône Dental Clinic our dentist will be able to trace the origin of the toothache. Thus interpreting in the right way, the type of pain, which can affect either a single tooth or an entire dental arch. Let’s distinguish the different toothaches that a subject may experience, which may depend on various causes and what most appropriate remedies should be taken.

Hypersensitivity to heat and cold

Manifest sign of pain is an accentuated and often transient discomfort. It can be localized or generalized, and can result from professional dental hygiene practices or from tooth whitening. Then, it is often followed by isues such as simple transient irritation, hyperreactivity of the nociceptors (pain receptors) and hyperemia (increased blood flow inside the dental pulp). In these cases, the pain disappears spontaneously, while in other cases it is more persistent.


Inflammation of the gums is due to tartar, which causes bleeding and swelling. The dental remedy for toothache due to gingivitis, is the removal of plaque and tartar : scaling.


It is a disease frm supporting tissues of the tooth composed of periodontal ligament. Indeed, the alveolar bone and the gum; causes severe inflammation, bleeding and the formation of gum pockets, destabilizing the teeth. The remedy for toothache can be scaling, polishing the root, removal of tartar from under the gum, or in severe cases, asurgery with soft tissue (gum) grafting may be necessary.

Teeth decay

Refers to the destruction of the hard tissue of the tooth, often due to improper oral hygiene. The dentist’s remedy is to remove the decay and seal the cracks caused by bacteria, an operation called dental filling.

Gums recession

It means the recession of the gum at the neck of the tooth. tThe unique solution will be a surgical intervention such as the grafting of gum tissue taken from other areas of the mouth.


These are very small breaks or cracks in the enamel of the tooth. The suitable remedy id the insertion of a sealent or composite, to close these lesions. On the other hand, the tooth has extensive chips or fractures, the solution may be a composite or ceramic inlay or a capsule (crown). Although dental veneers are the remedy for problems in the anterior teeth; root canal treatment with reconstruction using a post is the remedy for crown fractures with nerve damage.

Acute pain

Acute toothache is a type of pain due to various causes and can be resolved by various remedies. A person may experience acute tooth pain in the case of pulpitis, which is a cavity that reaches the pulp and manifests itself in excruciating pain. The remedy for this problem may be root canal therapy or, in extreme cases, tooth extraction.

Do you need us for a dental pain relief ? During your consultation, your particular situation will be discussed in more detail. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have. If new questions arise after your consultation, please feel free to contact the clinic. During the initial examination, we will be able to set up the necessary treatment for your toothache. Moreover, we can define the treatment plan, the expected duration of the treatment and the approximate cost.

Stop by our dental clinic for a visit, or call us at 022 310 50 77 to arrange a consultation.

Toothache is one of the first reasons you call Rhône Dental Clinic. Somy priority has always been to take care of a patient in pain even if our schedules are busy.
The new diagnostic tools (intra-oral camera, 3D radiography…) are truly exceptional in detecting the cause of your pain.


— Dr Christophe Gachet
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Rhone Dental Clinic Article Auteur Christophe Gachet
Dr Christophe Gachet, clinic manager and implant specialist at the Rhône Dental Clinic
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