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What are dental crowns?

The dental crown refers to the visible part of the tooth that emerges from the gingiva.

By extension, a dental prosthesis (or prosthetic crown) is called a dental prosthesis which is attached either to a prepared natural (vital) tooth or to an inlay-core. The inlay-core is a coronal reconstruction intended to serve as a structure for the prosthetic crown, on an altered tooth (as a result of endodontic treatment) or on an implant (artificial titanium root).

Applied to the remaining tooth like a hat, the prosthetic crown has the advantage of reconstituting and protecting the dental crown while avoiding its extraction and its complete replacement. Our Laboratory ensures a crown creation in ceramic (zirconium) or with a gold infrastructure.

Our Laboratory ensures a crown creation while ceramic (zirconium) or with a gold infrastructure.

Rhône Dental Laboratory Bridge

This prosthetic technique is now generally replaced by single dental implants

A bridge designates a so-called joint fixed dental prosthesis which makes it possible to replace one or more missing tooth (teeth) by relying on the adjacent teeth (dental or implant abutments).

Rhone Dental Clinic Dental Crowns

Dental crown fixation in our dental clinic

Our Craftsmen Ceramists participate in the various stages constituting the installation of prostheses. For example, on a central tooth, the ceramist can first intervene on the prosthetic tooth in the mouth to illuminate it, giving it the reflections and the necessary shine, before the ceramics are fired.

Full ceramic bridge with false gum

In case of bone loss, the polychromic ceramic gingiva represents an aesthetic alternative to avoid surgery or bone grafting. The technological evolution and the know-how of our ceramic craftsmen make it possible to create a pigmentation of the artificial gingiva which is very close to the natural tissues of the patient (gradient of the hues, transparency, simulation of the vascularization, etc.).

Rhone Dental Clinic Dental Crowns Bridge Complete Ceramic
Rhone Dental Clinic Dental Crowns Prothese Removable

Removable prosthesis

For patients who do not want surgery or implants, we continue to offer treatment plans with removable prostheses. These prostheses replace one (partial denture) or more missing teeth, or, in some cases, all the teeth (total prosthesis). Our laboratory, which only uses the latest technologies, now offers nylon resin hooks, much less visible than traditional metal hooks. Entirely bio compatible, this solution is also much lighter, more comfortable and aesthetic.

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