Our history

Reference in dental and aesthetic care since 1952

“The dental clinic in Geneva that has been frequented by celebrities and political figures from all over the world for several decades.”

Founded in 1952 by independent dentists who had a classical vision of a dental clinic, it was first taken over by Dr. Martin Reber who brought a modern and avant-garde vision of dentistry.

Dr. Martin Reber had a global vision of the profession and his technical skills, his foresight on the profession, his multilingualism with 4 languages spoken, he always knew how to amplify the progress of this dental clinic.

His vision of adapting the clinic to the different needs of the market is in the image of the city of Geneva, a hub of international society, while remaining authentic for its inhabitants and loyal Geneva patients.

Taken over for a second time in 2009 by Dr. Christophe Gachet, the current manager, this clinic, which was once a local reference for the quality of its care, the technology used, the presence of a prosthesis laboratory, the permanent training of its team and the notion of service, has expanded to include communication and digital technology.

A clinic that cares about its patients

There are many qualities that we strive to maintain at a high level since they were introduced:

  • Adaptability to the schedules of patients who are very busy in their professional or personal lives
  • The strategic location at the beginning of the mythical Rue du Rhône, with the Mont Blanc car park and the possibility of parking cars with drivers at the entrance
  • The role of concierge with very targeted service requests for an increasingly demanding patient base
  • The selection of dentists by taking only the best in their speciality

As early as 1952, when it was founded, we could already see a DNA that was very much focused on service, which at the time was an important factor in building patient loyalty.

The pioneers of the Rhone Dental Clinic directly established a reputation for adaptability and treatment of complex patients.

Thanks to the talent of these multi-lingual pioneers, they had an intellectual understanding of the technological evolution of our profession and the shift that should not be missed.

Rhone Dental Clinic A Clinic Caring For Patients 01

These strategic choices in the technological development of our dental clinic and the dental profession have created a true pioneer in global dentistry.

One example is the placement of dental implants as early as the 1960s, making it one of the first clinics in the world to offer this type of dental care.

We can also mention the judicious technical partnerships with certain New York implantologists which have made this clinic always ahead of the game with its immense capacity to create partnerships in dentistry and in all medical specialties.

Since its creation, we have received famous patients from the world of cinema such as Michel Simon, from the world of music such as Edith Piaf, presidents of states, missionaries and ambassadors, heads of industry, important members of Middle Eastern countries or professional sportsmen such as Stanislas Wawrinka.

Dr. Christophe Gachet, a dentist for 35 years and in Geneva for 11 years, through his diplomas and life experiences in many fields of medicine, wine or mechanical sports, by putting forward the richness of his encounters and his contact with people, by getting used to manage this type of premium services in great demand, has further amplified the solid international reputation of the Rhône Dental Clinic Geneva.