Dental care prices and rates

CHF 115.-
Consultation with Orthodontic Analysis
Reimbursement at the implementation of the treatment
CHF 150.-
Dental Scaling
starting from CHF 170.-
Teeth Whitening
starting from CHF 650.-
Dental veneers
Produced exclusively in our in-house laboratory
starting from CHF 650.-
Implants and prosthetic solutions
Prices on quotation
Posturology consultation
With our posturologist Dr. Thierry Thomas
CHF 110.-
Cavities with 2-sided filling
starting from CHF 290.-
Decontamination / Heavy metals
Amalgam removal (filling) with composite reconstruction
starting from CHF 600.-
Extraction of wisdom teeth
Prices on quotation
Analgesic sedation
With the intervention of our anaesthetists
Prices on quotation
Dental care funding
Necessary contact with our accounting department
To be defined

Fees of our plastic surgery specialist Dr. Michael Veber

Women hyaluronic acid

Hydrating lips
CHF 500.-
Lips injection
CHF 900.-
Cheeckbone / Model look
CHF 1400.-
Baby cheek
CHF 550.-
Chin projection
CHF 1400.-
CHF 1000.-
Dark circle
CHF 550.-
« Tits » injection
CHF 550.-

Men hyaluronic acid

Chin projection
CHF 1400.-
Male jawline design
(6 seringes)
CHF 2900.-

Hand rejuvenation

Collagen induction for 2 hands
CHF 1500.-


Baby botox
CHF 350.-
Lightening eyes
CHF 550.-
Front botox
CHF 550.-
Full face
CHF 1000.-
Nefertiti lift (neck)
CHF 550.-
« No sweat » armpit
CHF 1000.-
Bully lines
CHF 100.-


Botox eyes + HA
CHF 1000.-
Botox eyes + HA + PDO thread
CHF 2000.-

Non surgical nose

Baby nose
CHF 500.-
Medical rhinoplasty
CHF 2000.-
Rhone Dental Clinic Tariffs Financing Care

Dental care funding

Finance your dental treatment with ease!

Rhône Dental Clinic Geneva is committed to facilitating the financing of our patients’ dental treatments by offering a flexible partial payment solution.

There are 3 points to remember about our financing method:

  • No need to register for a financing service
  • A convenient monthly invoice
  • Incredible flexibility

How does it work?

First of all, you will receive a monthly statement by mail. You pay a minimum amount of 5% of the outstanding balance each month. You are free to pay more than the minimum 5% – decide each month and enjoy maximum flexibility!

It is important to have confidence in this approach, we have been working with a leading Swiss financial services company for over 30 years.

If you have any questions or are interested in this approach, our professionals will be happy to answer them.