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Decontamination of heavy metals

Amalgam is a material used to fill cavities resulting from the removal of tooth tissue affected by cavities.

Sometimes still called “filling”, dental amalgam does not contain lead. It contains mercury bound to other metals. Although the toxicity of mercury has been widely established, not all countries have banned its use.

For more information, please consult below a section specially created by our ASCA certified Nutritionist-Detoxicologist: Nicolas Mayaud.


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Each amalgam contains 1 gram of mercury, vaporizing at 37 degrees and above. According to some studies, it can hinder the functioning of all organs, disorganize and disrupt the hormonal, nervous, immune and digestive systems; it can also accelerate the deterioration of cells and accentuate the aging process of the organism.

Acting according to a principle of prevention, Rhone Dental Clinic is among the precursors in terms of decontamination.


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How to detoxify after the removal of mercury amalgams and identify the impacted physiological areas?

Heavy metals are absorbed into the body through the food we eat, the fluids we drink, through skin contact and directly into the lungs through inhalation.

Over time, the metals in dental restorations deteriorate due to use and/or trauma, and these heavy metals can then seep into the bloodstream with all the consequences that this can cause.

Once absorbed into the body, heavy metals can cause health problems especially since mercury exposure comes from multiple sources. Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead are some of the most serious environmental poisons we are exposed to every day and weaken our immune system.

And, for those of us unfortunate enough to have both mercury and lead in our system, the level of toxicity is multiplied by 100. Faced with this onslaught, and to maintain optimal health, it seems imperative to detoxify these heavy metals from the body.

Symptoms of people suffering from heavy metal ailments may include (but are not limited to) : 

– Unexplained fatigue
– Increased allergies
– Hypersensitivity and allergies to other metals in the body and mouth
– Intolerance to certain foods
– Problems with transit and digestion
– Muscle or joint pain
– Headaches
– Psychic disorders
– Sudden weight loss or gain
– Reduced resistance to infections
– Dizziness and tremors

– Skin symptoms
– Cardiovascular and respiratory disorders
– Hormonal disorders
– Excessive sweating
– Tingling sensation (mouth, arms and hands)




Do you think you recognize yourself above, or would you like some advice on these topics ?

Our specialist’s areas of expertise:

– Strengthening of the immune system
– Live blood analysis with darkfield microscope
– Certified dietary change coaching
– Food intolerance assessment
– Rebalancing of the intestinal flora
– Colon hydrotherapy
– Reinforcement of the intestinal barrier
– Detection of heavy metals and mineral deficiencies by Oligoscan
– Pharmacy and herbalist in old Geneva
– Nutritionist – detoxicologist
– Accompaniment in the safe removal of mercury amalgams

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Nicolas MayaudNutrisionist-Detoxicologist of the Rhône Dental Clinic

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Supporting the process with a unique approach: NutriDetox

Detoxification of heavy metals can be a long but necessary process that can take from several months to several years. The NutriDetox therapy is the first step before considering any other heavier but equally indispensable treatments.

The originality of this therapeutic approach lies in the idea that diseases are caused in large part by environmental intoxications (heavy metals, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, toxic food, etc.) and that a personalized dietary change can quickly restore health.


The dietary change is implemented after specific laboratory analyses. Each patient is accompanied in this process over a maximum of 3 appointments via personalized coaching based on your food intolerances and the state of your intestinal flora and our specialist will prepare your body to begin a deeper detox of these heavy metals thanks to the leading partners in the field that the Rhone Dental Clinic has.

Preparing to eliminate heavy metal toxins requires some thought and planning, which is why the Rhone Dental Clinic, a forerunner in safe amalgam removal in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for many years, has just added an ASCA-certified nutritionist-detoxicologist to its team.


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Adopting a personalized and precise detoxification program may be especially necessary for patients suffering from many chronic diseases and conditions. It is considered a beneficial preventive measure and a tool to improve overall health, vitality and resistance to disease, especially during this time of Covid-19 or other viruses when the immune system is paramount.

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