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Imaging and dental scanner

The Rhone Dental Clinic provides its patients with the assurance of the latest generation of equipment, which emits only a low dose of radiation.
To meet the demands of modern dentistry, we have invested in high quality imaging tools, including 3D and digital panoramic.

Comfort, safety and understanding

With a wide range of devices for viewing, highlighting, measuring, drawing and annotating images, the dentists in our clinic have access to high-performance equipment that considerably improves the accuracy of diagnoses and the comfort of patients. Various image import, export and printing functionalities are now included in the treatment plans and allow patients to better understand each step of the treatment.

The 3D rendering display provides the practitioner with an immediate visualization of the anatomy and is an excellent medium for communication with the patient. Measurement and annotation tools, such as dental nerve tracing, ensure safe and accurate treatment planning.

Rhone Dental Clinic Imaging Scanner 01
Rhone Dental Clinic Imaging Scanner 02

Our imaging devices provide the patient with an immediate and complete diagnosis in one place. The images also allow the patient to better understand the technical concepts and terms used by the professionals.

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