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Laser at Rhône Dental Clinic

Laser is a new technology that allows dentists to offer a wide range of dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry. The device emits a light beam whose waves are adjusted in frequency and phase according to the nature and extent of the tissue to be treated.
The controlled energy supply of the laser allows such precision that many treatments no longer require local anesthesia.

For the dentist, the laser is a very high precision tool allowing for optimal efficiency and quality of treatment, with the guarantee of controlled asepsis.
Due to the investment that its purchase represents, only 5% of dentists regularly use the laser. However, it represents one of the major technologies of modern dentistry.

After several years of use in our clinic, the laser has become an indispensable instrument that is perfectly integrated into many protocols. The choice to use it is always positive due to the precision of the act, the time saved and the well-being brought to our patients during and after the care.

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Use of the laser by our dentists

Care of cavities

It can also decontaminate a cavity while preserving the pulp vitality of the tooth.

Desensitization of collars

Laser can be used to close or reduce the diameter of the dentinal tubules.

Improved quality of root treatments

The laser energy, thanks to the diameter of the new fibers, allows a decontamination of all the micro-canicules of the dental canals (under oxygenated water at 10 volumes).

Periapical cysts and granulomas (around the root)

In case of infection under the root, the laser radiation can decontaminate the surrounding bone tissue.

Loosening of the teeth (periodontitis)

Painful gums, bleeding when brushing, loose teeth… Thanks to the laser, it is now possible to improve the prognosis of these diseases and to preserve teeth. The dentist uses a penetrating radiation under hydrogen peroxide at 10 volumes, after an initial preparation. Earlier the treatment is performed, the more stable is the result.

Canker sore treatment

The penetrating laser radiation has a decontamination and bio-stimulation power that accelerates the healing process.

Laser dental implantology

Laser is used to treat infections around implants (peri-implantitis). Following an extraction, the tissue is prepared (decontamination under 10-volume hydrogen peroxide), before penetrating laser radiation is applied to decontaminate the bone. This additional treatment improves the results of bone regeneration.

Gum and lip surgery

Laser can be used to modify the contour of the gums to improve the appearance of the teeth and make the smile more attractive. By sculpting or cutting the soft tissues, the laser can either expose more of the natural tooth (crown lengthening) in the case of a gummy smile, or reduce the amount of gum tissue in the case of a long smile (gummy smile).

The benefits of lasers in dentistry

Eliminates unpleasant vibrations and noises; provides better comfort for patients.

No bleeding; significantly reduces inflammatory reactions.

The extreme precision of the laser beam provides greater safety by protecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

At the end of the session, the patient’s face is often less numb in many cases, anesthesia is no longer necessary.

Healing is faster. Laser treatments improve the success of endodontic treatments thanks to their bactericidal effects.

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