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Dental abscesses

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These abscess is a pocket of pus formed in different parts of a tooth due to a bacterial infection. This condition is often accompanied by moderate to severe pain that may radiate or spread to the neck or ears.

These abscesses can also result from bacteria growing in the gum pockets (the spaces between the teeth and gums). This bacteria will trigger an infection that can spread and affect the jawbone.

When it happens, you may feel some relief because the deterioration of the bone tissue creates space for pus that was pressing on the surrounding tissue.
The deterioration of the jawbone eventually causes a loss of teeth  if you do not seek emergency dental care immediately.

Symptoms of a dental abscess

It is important to know how to recognize an abscess in order to seek professional help. Here are some of the symptoms that could indicate a damaged tooth:

  • A severe and persistant dental pain.
  • Unexplained feeling of pressure near an affected tooth.
  • Swollen or red gums.
  • Swelling around the jaw or face.
  • An unpleasant or salty taste in the mouth.
  • General lethargy (feeling unwell).
  • Treatment options for an abscessed tooth.


1. Periapical dental abscess: located at the root tip of the tooth.

2. Periodontal abscess: located in the gum near the root of the tooth. This abscess often extends to the surrounding bone and tissue.

3. Gingival abscess: this abscess is located in the gum, but not near to the root of the tooth.

Treatments for dental abscesses

Based on the severity and type of dental abscess, your dentist will choose one of the following treatment :

Drainage of the abscess

Your Rhône Dental Clinic dentist may decide to make a small incision in the abscess and drain the pus. He/she will then thoroughly clean the area using a saline solution.

A root canal treatment

If the abscess is inside the tooth, the dentist may drill a hole in the tooth and drain the abscess. He or she will then clean the root canal by removing all the infected pulp. The tooth may need to be covered or a dental crown may be placed.

Tooth extraction

As mentioned previously, dental abscesses can be related to a dental damage, such as trauma, that allows bacteria to enter until roots and cause an infection. In such a situation, the dentist will examine it and conclude that the tooth has been damaged so badly that it is beyond repair.

Antibiotics Usage

If the tooth infection did not spread until the tooth, it can be controlled with antibiotics.

Remove of the foreign object 

Some dental abscesses can be caused by a foreign object in the gum. The latter may become lodged in the gum during an accident or other type of trauma.

Do you need us to care a dental abscess ? During your consultation, your particular situation will be discussed in more detail. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have. If new questions arise after your consultation, please feel free to contact the clinic in Geneva. During the initial examination, we will be able to set up the necessary treatment for your abscess. Moreover, we can define the treatment plan, the expected duration of treatment and the approximate cost.

Stop by our dental clinic for a visit, or call us at 022 310 50 77 to arrange a consultation

Dental abscesses are one of the main issue treated at Rhône Dental Clinic, we are particularly attentive to your call and respond to the immediacy of the appointment.


— Dr Christophe Gachet
This article was written by :
Rhone Dental Clinic Article Auteur Christophe Gachet
Dr Christophe Gachet, clinic manager and implant specialist at the Rhône Dental Clinic
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